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Everyone loves going out to dinner with friends and family. Spending quality time with the people you love is one of life’s great joys . Unfortunately not everyone has people around to spend that time with them. Babs van Geel started the charity Eat With Your Heart to help prevent people, especially the elderly, from feeling lonely.

Babs got inspired to start this foundation after she made a photo documentary about the loneliness among the older generation. This November and December they are raising money. You can donate €1 extra when paying your bill thirty restaurants chosen from around Holland.

The money that is raised can help the charity take these people out to dinner and bring them together with others in their age group as well as local volunteers. The problem of loneliness is becoming more prevalent with the aging generation. Babs hopes Eat With Your Heart can help and bring more people together. IntoFood talked to Babs about this noble foundation.

Babs van Geel

Babs van Geel

​Babs is a passionate photographer. With her projects she always wants to create awareness on social topics in the society. One of that topics is loneliness of getting older and that’s why the caring Babs setup her charity Eat With Your Heart.

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