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Getting to work, school or a meeting can be such a hassle. Public transport is very crowded, taking your car means traffic jams and insane parking fees and finding a space to put your bike where it won’t get stolen is quite impossible.

The guys at AirWheel came up with the solution for this. They created the Airwheel using the same technology as Segway, but there is no steering column, you control it by shifting your weigh through your feet. You lean backwards and forwards shift your weight so the device knows which way you want to go. The AirWheel weighs only ten kilograms and is easy fold-able, so you can take it with you into the office or on public transport. IntoTech spoke to Bram, one of the guys behind this cool piece of tech. One of our presenters even tries the AirWheel out in the studio!

Bram Jeurissen

Bram Jeurissen

Bram Jeurissen is a well balanced man and an exceptional gadget freak. So it isn’t strange that he became the spokesperson and test driver for Airwheel in the pre eminently​ bicycle country, The Netherlands.

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