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Imagine a house that transforms to suit your lifestyle depending on the time of the day, incredible right. Architects at FGMF in Brazil created the Tic-Tac House that changes as the day progresses.The guys at FGMF think a house is like a person, it changes reacts differently all day long. So why not build a house moves and acts likewise?

Follow the sun and stars! These creative guys have many other projects that have changed the scenery of Brazil. Lourenco and his partner Rodrigo are here to talk IntoLife about architecture in Brazil. If you want to see more of the Tic-Tac House check this out:

Lourenco Gimenes

Lourenco Gimenes

Lourenco is one of Sao Paulo’s influential architects. He is one the founders of FGMF and passionate about innovative housing ideas.

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