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Experience Virtual Reality Documentaries At The IDFA

In November documentary lovers unite in Amsterdam for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). You can find all the latest trends when it comes to documentaries and our favorite one is virtual reality documentaries. De Brakke Grond showcases these virtual documentaries where you can really experience a new kind of storytelling. Non-fiction stories, like documentaries, take on a whole extra dimension because of this technology.  IntoLife spoke to Veerle Devrees, she is the visual programmer at “De Brakke Grond”. After our chat she also shared her favorite virtual reality documentaries; check them here

Veerle Devreese

Veerle Devreese

Veerle is one of the programmers for Visual Arts at this place called “De Brakke Grond”. She recently created the program for Doclab, which is part of the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam. She know all about the newest trends in documentaries.

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