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We live in an age when everyone carries a camera and you can upload imageds in the blink of an eye. This has made it difficult for traditional photographers to make a living. Next to these casual snapshots from people’s daily lives, some professional photographers use Instagram to promote their work. Ed Ou is one of them. He is a Canadian photojournalist who publishes his images from locations around the world on Instagram. This has made him an extremely popular instagramer with over 65.000 followers on his account.

Ed saw social media as an opportunity instead of a threat. His Instagram account informs editors about where he is and demonstrates his talents to the world. IntoBusiness spoke to Ed Ou about his use of social media to attract business and it’s possibilities for other photographers.


Ed Ou

Ed Ou

Ed Ou is a culturally ambiguous Canadian photo journalist who has been bouncing around the Middle East, former Soviet Union, Africa, and the Americas. He is currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. Ed interned at the New York Times, studied in the Middle East and took part in the World Press Photo Masterclass. Ed has been the recipient of a Global Vision Award, World Understand Award, and Photographer of the Year Award. In 2012, he was selected for the TED Fellows Programmers. He speaks English, Arabic, Mandarin, and gets by in Hebrew and French.

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