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Sick Of Your Roommates Stealing Your Toiletries?

Every guy knows that Monday morning feeling when you drag yourself out of the shower and reach for the hair gel and disaster strikes, you are all out of toiletries. Nobody has time to shop on the weekend and Monday is too late, well Jelle Visser found himself in that exact situation living in student housing. Jelle used to do the toiletry shopping for all his roomies but decided why not make a business of it? He and Thomas van den Hof founded Groomsday.

Groomsday is a subscription website for the modern man. It sends box full of toiletries to your doorstep once a month. IntoBusiness brings you the story of two young interrupters who are making guys look good. You have to watch video to find out!

Thomas van den Hof

Thomas van den Hof

The charming and well groomed Thomas van den Hof is always on the lookout for possibilities to optimize his appearance. Together with his business partner Jelle Visser, they transformed this characteristic​ into a calling. They have founded the company Groomsday to help other guys to look smooth everyday.

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