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Smartphone Gets His Ass Kicked By The Smartwatch

Smartphones are old-fashioned. The newest trend in the tech world are smartwatches. The added value of this interesting piece of technology? Besides the fact that they are wearable and, in some cases, fashionable, they can keep track of your movement and see your notifications at all times. Rutger Houweling, editor for Want.nl, talks about this trend and future of Smart Watches on IntoTech. He also gave us a few recommendations for the best smartwatches. Rutger shares what is to come after the smartwatch and praises the most ultimate model, called the Nixie: a combination between a drone and a smartwatch and the ultimate selfie photographer.
Here is a list of Rutgers must have smartwatches:



Rutger Houweling

Rutger Houweling

Rutger lives in Amsterdam and he is fascinated by tech, gadgets and awesome new stuff! He is co-founder and chief editor of Want.nl

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