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Watch Out BMW Kantanka Cars Are Coming For You

When you think car makers the names Ford, GM, Mercedes and BMW come to mind but there is a new player on the block. Katanka Cars are a self-made grassroots company that are reinventing the whole car making process and achieving some pretty incredible results.

IntoTech wanted to know more so we sent our vlogger Prince Baah-Duodu to a compound a few miles from Accra there are some very talented young Ghanaians who are doing some really remarkable things. We wanted to know just how it all worked and if Ghana was ready for a homemade car. Prince had quite a bit so say, check out the interview here.

Prince Baah-Duodu

Prince Baah-Duodu

Prince is a enthusiastic tech editor for Cranchon. Ghana’s premium platform for new and views about technology. He’s always happy to share Accra’s latest tech trends with the rest on the world at IntoConnection.

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2 Responses to Watch Out BMW Kantanka Cars Are Coming For You

  1. Nuku sampson says:

    I`m very happy we have this project in Ghana,and as a young guy, i promise my self that the first car to drive will be made in Ghana.

  2. I am very hapy we hv ur Ghana made car, nd i promise myself dat the first car to buy is Ghana made car.

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