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Our generations spends at least ¼ of the day online. Many say the online community is taking over our offline social life. In Ghana they actually use the power of the online community for the greater good. Every first Saturday of the month it is National Sanitation Day in Ghana, a day to clean the streets of Ghana. A group of savvy tech bloggers started an online project to activate the Ghanaians to participate and clean the streets.

Ghana is in the top 10 of countries with the worst sanitation. Alongside war countries like Somalia, and fragile South Sudan and Chad Ghana is struggling to keep its streets clean.The group Blogging Ghana is helping to spread the word about this project through social media. The group discusses issues of concern and gets the authorities involved.
Another example of good online work for the offline world is when Occupy Ghana had online campaign that encouraged Ghanaians to challenge government on certain decisions. Our vlogger Prince is one of these bloggers and he spoke to IntoTech about the power of online campaigning.

Prince Baah-Duodu

Prince Baah-Duodu

Prince is a enthusiastic tech editor for Cranchon. Ghana’s premium platform for new and views about technology. He’s always happy to share Accra’s latest tech trends with the rest on the world at IntoConnection.

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