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Polo has been a wildly popular sport for centuries. In the past few years an alternative trend has emerged that has grown from this sport. Have you heard of bike polo yet? This is a new sport combining bicycles and polo it is trending in urban centres all around the planet.  The basics of polo are still there, but instead of a horse, you ride a bike! With bike polo there are three people on a team and the amount of players in a tournament can vary from twenty to a hundred.

In over 400 cities in the world people play bike polo and it is becoming more and more professional with huge tournaments worldwide where hundreds of people all over the world turn up and play. Claire Wilson from Hells Belles, an all-female bike polo league that operates internationally, spoke to IntoLife about the explosive trend of bike polo.


Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson is a writer and photographer from Melbourne, Australia.
She also runs a blog called Style She Spoke which is a the personal project of hers about her passionate for bikes. Claire graduated from Griffith University.

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