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The Hipster Menu Is The Biggest Food Trend In SF

San Francisco is the food city of the USA. There’s almost 3,500 restaurants to choose from! How do you keep the hipster community of SF happy as a restaurant? Since hipsters are always looking for special new dishes and hidden gems among the dining scene restaurants need to step up their game. In San Fran a few restaurants have special hipster menus to give the crowd what they want. This doesn’t mean they get a special menu, just a menu with different names.

With the organic food trend getting bigger and mason jars being the new fancy cup restaurants are doing well with the hipster menu. Food Blogger Tara Condell is on IntoFood to tell us what’s on the menu and why it is so popular.


Tara Condell

Tara Condell

Tara is an Eurasian mix of Chinese, German, French and Polish, but she would not mind living in San Fran forever where she was born and raised. That she’s eating too much is an understatement. On her blog she promise to treat each and every plate with dignity.

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