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Traveling is one of the greatest things to do. Discovering new cultures and meeting new people. Connecting with the locals and discovering the best places to get local food can however be rather difficult. Japanese Masaya Yamamoto is one of the founders of Kitchhike, the platform where locals and travelers can connect.

Kitchhike is an online platform open to everybody. Their motto: Meet real people, eat real food. Travelers and local cooks, amatur or pro, can register on the site and share a meal. The local can put his menu online. The hiker, the traveler, can browse these menus until he finds something that floats his boat and make a reservation.

Kitchhike went live in May of 2013 and has over 300 menus in 25 countries as of right now. Masaya spoke to IntoFood and talked all about Kitchhike and it´s purpose.


Masaya Yamamoto

Masaya Yamamoto

The sharing economy inspired Masaya and his palls to set up KitchHike, a platform that let’s you eat real food en meet real people while traveling. Masaya is IntoFood, IntoBusiness and IntoTech.

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