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Drones are no longer just for the military. They are for everyone and can do almost everything. They’re used for fun, for filming, for medical care: you name it. Our vlogger Rutger Houweling spoke to IntoTech to tell us all about the 3 latest drone trends.

One of the biggest trends when it comes to drones is the combination with of drones and virtual reality. With oculus-rift glasses you can control the drone by blinking your eye. A drone for the filmers out there is the Inspire 1. Through a fisheye-lens you can see the world though the drone in full HD. The resolution is also developing more and more with the 4k resolution drone. These drones are used more and more to shoot awesome films and videos.

The drone trend even affects the medical world. In Germany they invented a drone that delivers medicines to destinations that are hard to reach by car and students in The Netherlands designed a drone for medical emergencies.





Rutger Houweling

Rutger Houweling

Rutger lives in Amsterdam and he is fascinated by tech, gadgets and awesome new stuff! He is co-founder and chief editor of Want.nl

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