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It’s Time To Start Sharing

Has there ever been a phrase including the word ‘economy’ as popular as ‘Shared Economy´? It is the most popular economic and social trend from the last few years.  Everything from food, to houses and cars , everything can be shared on online platforms.

Our Vlogger Daan is the founder of Peerby, an online platform based on the shared economy. Daan does not view this new economy as a trend but as a symptom of our shift from a central organisation, to a more decentralised, distribution driven society.

Brian Chesky is one of the founders of Airbnb, the super popular accommodation website that has its roots in the Shared economy. He sees digital platforms as Airbnb, Uber and Blablacaras ‘a reflection of our contemporary entrepreneurial lifestyle. They provide people with an extra opportunity for income in these times of economic crisis.’ Whatever the underlying concept behind the shared economy, it is booming and according to Forbes, it’s here to stay.

Daan Weddepohl

Daan Weddepohl

Daan is a Dutch entrepreneur and is the founder of Peerby. Peerby is an app that plays into the share economy. Daan has won many awards!

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