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The World Fights MuslimPhobia With Australian Hashtag #Illridewithyou

The hashtag ‘I’ll ride with you‘ has blown the world away. Creator of the hashtag Tessa was definitely not aware of the impact her tweet would have, but it was the start of a positive movement in tragic times.

During the horrifying events in Sydney on the 15th of December, now known as the Sydney Siege, the young Australian Rachael Jacobs witnessed an Islamic woman taking off her hijab before getting on a Brisbane train. She offered the scared woman a hand: “put it back on, I’ll walk with you”. She tweeted about this encounter, not knowing the worldwide effect it would have. The story was picked up by a girl named Tessa, as she tweeted: “Maybe start a hashtag? What’s in#illridewithyou?”. She as well was not aware of the response she would receive, she followed up with: “Nothing, probably because it looks like ‘ill’.

Now, a few days after the tragic events in the Lindt cafe, the hashtag has received worldwide attention. Where in the beginning it mostly involved Australians offering to travel with Muslims who might feel treatend,​ it now has inspired thousands to stand up for a decent and humane world.

IntoConnection taks to Salim, chief editor at , about how he has experienced this in the past and what his hopes are for the future.

Salim Kassam

Salim Kassam

Salim Kassam is the chief editor at, this is a digital media network which aim to promote ethical, positive, relevant Islamic content. He himself lives in London and is an engaged and proud Muslim (and according to his Twitter bio: a recovering Candy Crush abuser).

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