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4 Continents, 20+ Cities, 30+ Jobs, 1 Year: Meet The Backpacker Intern

Almost everyone wants a internship abroad. Mark van der Heijden decided to live the life of his dreams and to travel the world as ‘The Backpacker Intern’. His journey started in the beginning of 2014 and since then he has worked in more than 23 countries on over four continents.

Mark is a creative copywriter from Amsterdam and during his trip he has helped out many agencies, brands and charities. He offers his creative skills to write business plans, rethink strategies and more. The only thing he asks his temporary bosses for is food and a place to sleep in exchange.

Mark and his backpack have been in many extraordinary places and definitely not all of his jobs were related to creative copy-writing. A good example of one of those jobs was in Rio de Janeiro where he did the 3 peak challenge: climbing three peaks in twelve hours to raise money and awareness for the rights of street children worldwide.

Next to working and traveling he also held a talk for Tedx and he got invited to Obama’s crib for a summit with the Top 100 Most Influential Travel Bloggers. Go Mark!




Mark van der Heijden is a creative copy-writer from Holland. He travels the world working as an intern for different companies. Mark has studied at the Universitatea Transilvania din Brașov in Romania.

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