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How A Container Fights Human Suffering Worldwide

“Containerized medical solutions, at the right time, at the right place, to minimize human suffering,” this is a Hospitainer! This NGO builds and distributes fully equipped hospitals in cargo containers. They respond to a worldwide need for medical care. To give you a better idea of the need for this innovation: an estimate of one-third to one-half of the worlds population (2 to 3 billion people) lack basic medical care.

These mini hospitals​ have some definite benefits over a normal hospital. For one, they are mobile and easily deployable in remote disaster areas. At the moment Hospitainer has offered their compact medical solutions in Ebola regions and in refugee camps in Syria. Besides this, these containers are easily transportable, just like a normal container.  This makes it possible to react quickly on disasters worldwide.

A final advantage of these clinics is that they are tailored to specific situations. For example, the ebola container was designed in a way that the danger of infection was at it’s minimum.

For more information on these portable hospitals, check out their webpage here!

Dianne Slingerland

Dianne Slingerland

This globetrotter is assistant manager at Hospitainer. She is pretty and bubbly as she talks about what inspires here in the world.

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