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We have heard about escape rooms before. Nothing new for the IntoConnection team. But then we discovered a new extreme within the live gaming scene. We talked to Rik Stapelbroek, a young guy from Utrecht with a huge imagination and vigor who invented this a real life prison break experience.

Inspired by the stream of prison series, such as Orange is the New Black andPrison Break, many of us have wondered what it must be like to be locked up behind bars and even better: break free.

Prison break is situated in areal prison in Rotterdam. Together with a group of friends, colleagues or strangers you are exposed to the newest technology within escape rooms. Rik brought together specialists from all kind of disciplines. This way he creates a ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ of sound, image and of course an extreme game element.

Inspired? Excited? Want to join? Check this site regularly in the hope to get your own prison escape. Want to prepare yourself and learn the tips and tricks on how to escape a prison? Check out these real prison escapes!

Rik Stapelbroek

Rik Stapelbroek

Young but ambitious, that’s Rik! He is the owner of Real Life Gaming and with his wild fantasy he creates the newest trends within real life gaming: nothing is too crazy.

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