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We Call for Freedom of Speech – #jesuischarlie

In this special vlog multiple intoConnection vloggers take a stand for freedom of speech. Due to the current affairs in Paris, we had to re-think what freedom of speech means. Because it doesn’t seem so normal anymore after the shootings at satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. So we searched for quotes that have been made in the past by inspiring people and it feels as if they were made today. We asked our vlogger community what freedom of speech means to them. Young people from all over the world shared their thoughts. Turns out that what has been said in the past doesn’t differ much from what is said today. Keep fighting for your spoken and written word, it’s stronger than any form of violence.

Together we build a brighter future.

Jip Samhoud

Jip Samhoud

Founder of IntoConnection and &samhoud media! Young entrepreneur, Former Youth Prime Minister and founder of the Dutch Youth Cabinet, worked together with a lot of political leaders. Writer of “Het kan allemaal zoveel beter” and Filmmaker of IntoConnection.

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2 Responses to We Call for Freedom of Speech – #jesuischarlie

  1. Jennis Jennis says:


  2. Rebel says:

    Hi guys, i support this powerfull message! Don’t let the blood flow, let the ink flows!

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