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Instagram has a lot of great food accounts but there are some that you should check out right now. Our vlogger Melissa is a foodie with a love for travelling and an extremely popular Instagram food account called girleatworld. She is here with us on IntoFood to share her top 3 of mouthwatering instagram accounts.

SymmetryBreakfast. The name says it all. This account shows us the perfectly symmetrical breakfast a London guy cooks for his boyfriend every morning. Waffles, a rainbowcake and even a Japanese breakfast, these guys make a real feast of every morning meal and the photos are a delight to look at. By the way, we didn’t know someone could have so many different breakfast plates!


The second one Melissa likes to point out is tumblinbumblincrumblincookie. Yes, that is a mouth full and an account full of great meals as well. Although she says she really loves breakfast, her account occasionally features some dinner, lunch and snacks as well. Owner of the account is Lin, a 15 year old Singaporean girl battling an eating disorder and finding her way to a balanced lifestyle.

Last but not least, Melissa mentions ladyironchef. A super popular account from the Singaporian Brad Lau. Just as our vlogger he is a traveler and a foodie which means he shares the most amazing food photos from all around the world. Take a look at this account and be prepared to drool over lots of pastries and Asian dinners.
If you want to follow Melissa’s girleatsworld on Instagram click here and more inspiring food video’s here.

Melissa Hie

Melissa Hie

Melissa is a foodie and a travel lover. For her instagram account girleatworld, she ”stuffs her face” around the world as she likes to put it. Her photo’s are amazing and her instagram account is a huge success.

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