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How To Make A Business Out Of Poop And Pee

Did you know that more people nowadays have a cellphone than a working toilet? A weird statistic that is causing a lot of diseases, particularly in Lima. Our vlogger Jessica came up with a great solution for this problem and got a business model out of the ‘dry toilet’.

Lima has a huge problem regarding water supply since it is located in a desert. As a result many people can’t flush toilets which ends up in houses that are filled with bacteria because of unremoved feces. Jessica came up with Xrunner Venture. Special about Jessica’s project is how she made a business model out of the feces.
With Xrunner Venture they give the possibility of getting a subscription on their toilet. They pick up the feces two times a week to secure the fact of a clean house. Besides that they found a way to turn the feces into manure which they can use for parks! Since there is so little water available in Lima it is a great way to still maintain a clean ánd green environment.

This vlog can also be seen at
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Jessica Altenburger

Jessica Altenburger

Jessica studied Product Design but was always interested in the possibilities of human feces. As soon as she found her partner Isabel they created X-runner Venture. Chosen by Forbes as a one to watch, Jessica is definitely someone we should keep an eye on.

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One Response to How To Make A Business Out Of Poop And Pee

  1. Rose says:

    Epic story! Keep up the good work in Lima guys..

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