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New York, the city that never sleeps. A big part of NYC’s people is an immigrant or living there temporarily. Being away from your birth country missing the food can be understandable. New York does not just have different nationalities living in her residence but also takes in their cuisine. From real authentic Mexican food to traditional Chinese dishes, NYC has it all.

The NYC food scene is adapting to the international food trends, even thinking of your budget. What makes a good authentic restaurant? When people from that nationality are eating there! Among the Vietnamese New Yorkers Pok Pok is a very popular restaurant. The chef from Pok Pok even won a James Beard award.

New York is a home to dozens of nationalities. The food scene is changing with the people and giving foreign comfort food a new home. Our food vlogger Joyce Huang talked to IntoFood about this new integrating trend! The best place for Mexican food is El Paso Restaurante Mexicano, a very good restaurant for Chinese food is Big Wong King and a lot of Russians expats go to Mari Vanna.

Joyce Huang

Joyce Huang

Joyce’s nickname is Juice and she was born and raised in NYC. The James Beard Awards are considered the “Oscars of the food world,” and they honor annually exceptional chefs. Joyce’s blog​ Chasing James Beard chases everything that has to do with food.

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