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Put On Your Disco Pants And Go Grocery Shopping

Doing groceries is probably one of the most boring errands you have to complete. When you’re in the supermarket everybody is in their own zone and there’s not much of a connection between you and the other shoppers. But what if there’s a way to make it more fun?

Disco Shopping is the newest event in Amsterdam and it is going viral. It is a way that makes doing groceries much more fun! It’s probably a lot more dancing than doing your groceries but nevertheless you can finally get in contact with that cute neighbour you already spotted in the aisles.

IntoConnection talked to the creator of this event and he gave us a special treat. We will give away two guest list places for their first event! To make a chance to win these highly desired tickets all you have to do is like this video on our facebook! On the 10th of april this crazy event will happen in de supermarket Dirk. Yes, you should definitely be there!

Joost Aartsen

Joost Aartsen

Is there something this guy can not do? He seems to be the brain behind every cool concept in Amsterdam. From organizing parties to setting up apps: nothing is too much for Joost!

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One Response to Put On Your Disco Pants And Go Grocery Shopping

  1. Joost says:

    Wow really flattering words! Thanks guys!

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