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Put On Your Bathingsuit And Slide Through Your City

When you are on holiday or when it is summertime in your own city you want to experience the city at its best. How do you do that? By sliding down a 1000 feet slide in your swimwear! John Slide the City came up with this brilliant idea that will let you party in and slide through your city.

The slide that is used was made in the United States and travels everywhere to make the coolest slip-and-slide party ever. There is live music, food, drinks and a whole lot of water. The people of Slide the City like to think of themselves as carnie workers (just without the mullets and missing teeth).

John shared his excitement about this cool event with IntoLife. His ultimate dream is to have a slide that goes all over the world or one from outer space. For now the main goal is to give as many cities as possible the opportunity to experience the awesomeness of sliding through the city!

John Malfatto

John Malfatto

John is simply passionate about getting people to have good time. That’s why he created Slide The City, a company that makes it able for you to see your city on a giant slide!

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