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Three Apps To Make Your Party An Alcoholic Party


When you are at a party or hosting one, there is nothing worse than running out of drinks. It happens occasionally but there are some apps that bring you the solution. These buzzing booze apps promise to deliver your favorite drinks to your doorstep. This type of technology is closing the gap between liquor stores and consumers.

Some of the most popular booze apps are Drizly and Thirstie. These brands have launched their hootch-to-home service in metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago and Boston. Within 40 minutes after you order they deliver the booze. The company Saucey even has its own drivers, because they are linked to peer-to-peer business Uber. So with these new apps you don’t have to leave the party, which means this is not only a great service but it is also safe with no one having to drive after drinking!

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Rafael Balbi Jr

Rafael Balbi Jr

Rafael Balbi helps in the start-up scene by giving business the tools they need to grow. Rafael believes that by simplifying the way that businesses are created, launched and developed, great minds can turn passion into an active and tangible pursuit. In other words, turning passion into a prototype. Like the rest of the Generation-Y population, Balbi did not want to wait for an opportunity and instead, set out to create his own. As Founder and CEO of his first startup “Franklin’s Lab,” he utilized his self-taught entrepreneurial knowledge to combat two common roadblocks when starting a business: fear and lack of knowledge.

As Director of Operations for Lean Startup Machine he oversaw expansion in 5 continents and 40+ startup cities across the globe.

So you could see he’s a business and tech startup expert.

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