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Your brain reacts to everything. Everything you see, feel, taste and smell. When you walk through the city you might feel relaxed but it could ┬ábrain might feel completely different. Zander Whitehurst started the project [email protected] emotive mapping to see how your brains reacts to the city.

The user of [email protected] wears a 3D printed head device that uses solar power. [email protected] emotive mapping links the pulse to a gps and measures the brain waves. The brain data that is acquired shares someones attention level for example. Based on the data Zander hopes to create a map of the city you walk. This map is 3D printed and can show when someone is content, extremely happy or stressed. The purpose of this project is to see how your brain reacts to certain outside factors like noise, scenery and smells. Not only gives this insight on how the brain react on the world but it can also help us use our time more effectively. When you know what type of place makes you happy you can use your lunch break to relax.

Right now the project needs funding to create an interlinking mobile app. There is also a need for crowd testing. Zander spoke to IntoTech to explain more about the purpose of [email protected] emotive mapping. For more of Zanders videos on IntoConnection click here!

Zander Whitehurst

Zander Whitehurst

Zander Whiterhurst is a technologist, designer and entrepreneur from England. Zander has graduated from Oxford University. He exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery for the World School Art Prize in 2010.

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