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Welcome To The Biggest Gadget Show Of America

Wearables, smart homes, flexible screens and the new 8k resolution televisions. This is a quick run through the major trends that are really popular on the Consumer Electronics Show or CES. Las Vegas is not just the city to go to for a night out anymore. It is also the place where hundreds of conferences are held every year. CES is the biggest tech show gathering place in the United States and it Kickstarts the year in gadgets.

There are over 3000 exhibitors showcasing their new products. You can stroll the halls looking for the newest gadgets, visit various speaking events or attend the CES innovation awards. One of the most impressive things to see at CES 2015 is the self driving car. BMW is one of the leaders when it comes to this new trend.

This year CES had not only the coolest gadgets but also a few crazy ones. The empire beer pong robot for example. Our innovative tech vlogger Lee Silverstone, who is the CEO from a cool sport gadget, was an attendee at CES this year. He spoke to IntoTech about this years gadget trends.

Lee Silverstone

Lee Silverstone

Lee Silverstone is a real tech enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. At the age of 22 Lee has co-founded two companies. Lee studied Health Sciences at the university of Ottawa.

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