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West-Africa’s Biggest Tech Blog Is Conquering The World

In Nigeria technology and tech blogs are getting more mainstream. People want to know what apps to download and which devices might make their lives easier. With over 10.000 visitors every month TechCabal is the biggest tech blog of West-Africa.

Editor-in-chief, Bankole Oluwafemi, is on IntoTech to talk about TechCabal. Bankole, aka Banks, started his blog after he went to a BarCamp event. That’s where the Nigerian became enthusiastic and interested in writing about tech. Together with Seyi Taylor, Banks founded his company. The team is reaching out to people beyond their website, having organized a few offline events as well.

Right now TechCable is hoping to do more convening both off- and online. Improving their content is also on their wishlist, like sharing more data and cool stories. Want to see more tech related items?  click here.

Bankole Oluwafemi

Bankole Oluwafemi

Bankole ‘Banks’ Oluwafemi is the flamboyant Editor in Chief of TechCabal; the biggest tech blog of Nigeria. They cover the latest innovative products and write incisive and provocative opinion pieces on African and global technology and entrepreneurship. We are proud that he is one of our vloggers.

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