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Why The Capital Of Greenland Is The New New York

Most people still think of ice and polar bears when they think of Greenland. Nuuk, the capital, only has 16.000 inhabitants, but surprisingly enough has the town could bring an atmosphere as a metropolitan area. That is why the young people in Nuuk like to refer to the town as Nuuk York as an homage to The Big Apple.

Are there similarities between those two cities? Yes, there is definitely an urban lifestyle emerging in Nuuk. There are street and tattoo artists, BMX-bikers and a fashionable mass. They even have skyscrapers In ‘downtown Nuuk’ (with 12 floors). The most visible sign that Nuuk is developing as an urban centre is the buzz around the new street art on the blocks in the centre of Nuuk and, indeed, the paintings look amazing. Nuuk is a colorful combination of beautiful, ugly, and raw elements and surrounded by the looming mountain peak and the extensive fjord system.

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So don’t wait anymore and book a flight to Nuuk as an artic alternative of New York!

This vlog can also be seen at BNR.nl/IntoConnection.

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Tanny Por

Tanny Por

Tanny grew up in Sydney’s suburbs. As a third-culture kid she moved twice and was raised in a family with Malaysian-Chinese heritage eating food with a fork and spoon. In 2013, she ended up in Greenland almost by accident. We are really happy that she is our first contributor from Greenland.

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One Response to Why The Capital Of Greenland Is The New New York

  1. Ole H. says:

    Nuuk is nothing more than a little town, comparing it to cities would almost be an insult to real cities, but nonetheless for the people in Greenland, it’s the capitol and the biggest “city” in the country by far, second largest “city” only has 6000 people. The whole country in itself only has a mere 57000 people. But still when you go there it kinda feels like a city, it feels like there is more than 30.000 plus living there. They have a Mall, big movie theater, big public swimming pool and lots of places to go shop for groceries and clothing etc. Lots of music events. It feels like a big city, in a small closed society where the only way in and out of the city, is by flying or sailing :)

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