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Chinese Hackathons As The Cradle Of An Emerging Startup Scene

There are more and more innovative start-ups coming from China. The bright young Chinese people do not want to work traditional jobs in the traditional industry. They have strong ambitions within the new and exciting industry, creating their own work with start-up companies. The startup scene is now mainly located in China’s first tier cities but a change is about to come.

Chinese cities are divided in first, second and third tier cities. ‘The first’ represent the most developed areas in China such as Beijing and Shanghai. These are also the cities where most business start up. According to our expert vlogger Jiannan Zhang those cities are more open and international and there is an abundance of excellent young people who want to start up their own companies.

Although the epicenters of the startup scene are in those first tier cities, second tier cities as Chengdu and Xiamen are on the rise. These cities have an enormous population and are becoming increasingly attractive for investors because of the growing middle class.

If you’d like to know more about startups in China’s second tier cities, check out the StartUp Chengdu Daily.

Jiannan Zhang

Jiannan Zhang

Jiannan is a tech entrepreneur from Beijing. He studied in Oxford and is now back in China to work for tech startups and host hackathons at Tsinghua University.

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