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The Concrete Floor That Saves Lives In Rwanda

Over one billion people worldwide live in homes with dirt floors. In Rwanda 80% of the people have to live in an unhealthy home. Dirt floors can cause a lot more problems than you would think at first. Dust is kicked up during dry season, puddles stick around during the rainy season and floors become a breeding ground for mosquitos and other parasites. This will cause diarrhea which is still one of the leading death causes in Rwanda.

Luckily our vloggers found a solution for this! Earthenableis a company that creates affordable concrete floors so it can be washed, cleaned, and create a healthy home environment for millions of people. At the moment they’ve already installed 101 floors and impacted 112 peoples lives directly.

The inspiration for the floor was found in the owners own backyard. Earthen flooring has experienced a revival on the West Coast of the United States, with many homeowners craving sustainable and attractive modern earthen floors in their homes. They created a new oil from Rwandan materials that does the sealing and drying job of linseed oil for only a fraction of the cost.

Since concrete floors are still quite expensive EarthEnable started working together with NGO’s and government agencies. Because of this they are able to install their floors at more and more places.
You want to donate this company and help them out? Click on the link

Gayatri Datar

Gayatri Datar

Gayatri studied at Stanford and soon decided to do something good with her life. She started the company EarthEnable, a company that helps to remove dirt floors and change them into clean floors!

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