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Epic Gadget Transforms Any Socket Into A Smart Projector

At IntoConnection we are always looking for new inventions and epic gadgets. Beam is one of those amazing things that deserves special attention. Although the design is cool, you might not be very impressed when you first lay eyes on Beam. But when you screw it into your light socket it immediately transforms into a projector.

A projector? Yes, we’re not joking, a projector. That means that Beam turns any flat surface into a big screen and therefore makes it easy for users to project anywhere. That means that you can stream a Netflix series on your wall, play projected board games on your dining table, show a presentation on your office floor and project recipes on your kitchen counter.

2.Beam  4.Beam

According to the Dutch designers there is no maximum to the possibilities. One of the most epic features is that the projector is smart, which means that Beam can play a love song when your sweetie pie is entering the house for instance, or it could show the weather forecast and your to do list when you’re waking up.

5.Beam 3.Beam

They launched this project last week on Kickstarter and the campaign has reached and surpassed its $200.000 funding goal on Kickstarter already with more than three weeks left. Early adopters who would like to preorder a Beam can do it right here for a pledge of $399 with an estimated delivery date of October 2015.

So Screw it in and have fun! If you are interested in more awesome gadgets go to the IntoTech page.

Don Molenaar

Don Molenaar

Don Molenaar is the tireless CEO of Beam Labs, inc. He is responsible for keeping the team flowing and to make sure that they don’t have too much fun with Beam.

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