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The Future Of Shopping: Innovation Boulevard In Antwerp

The shopping experience of the future. What will it look like? Will there be robots as store employees? Will you have your own digital personal shopping assistant? Are there apps that will know which color will suit you best? To experience the shopping of the future, Antwerp has come up with the Innovation boulevard.


The Innovation boulevard is the famous shopping street the ‘Meir’ in Antwerp. Lots of stores on this streets are testing apps to personalise and improve the customers’ shopping experience. Next to digital cues and RFID recognition, you can link your smartphones to store windows to get personalised discounts on your phone.

E-commerce keeps growing and this is hurting the traditional commerce. More and more stores are closing because people find the online shopping experience more convenient and customer friendly. By innovating and personalising the shopping experience, Antwerp hopes to score a 1 – 1 in the battle against e-commerce.

Stephanie Ameel

Stephanie Ameel

Stephanie is a Belgian fashion blogger, also known as Stephanista. She works as an accountant executive at a advertising company and fashion is her true passion.

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