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Having to give a presentation is nerve wracking as it is but having to make sure your visuals are working as you like can add that extra stress. The company Lionsharp has developed a gadget that will take some off the pressure off of you when giving a presentation. It can even make your presentation get better. They developed Voiceboard.

Voiceboard is a futuristic voice and gesture controlled application. It can make your presentations unique and more impressive. From now on you don’t have to leave your stage or press any buttons to make sure your presentation goes smoothly. With voice recognition and gesture control technology you can engage with interactive media. Adding map, web pages and 3D models is now possible.

After 18 months of hard work Voiceboard is finally ready. They started their journey with a campaign Kickstarter. They were funded for 45% after 20 minutes of launching at the Financial Times Innovate 2014. IntoTech spoke to the founder of Lionsgate and talked more about the world’s first voice and gesture controlled application.

Gevorg Hovsepyan

Gevorg Hovsepyan

Gevorg Hovsepyan is originally from Yerevan, Armenia. He is an software engineer and co-founder at Lionsharp. He is passionate and enthusiastic about engineering and designing new technical systems. He is confident and driven to continue in the world’s technical sphere.

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