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The weather seems to endlessly fascinate the guys at Robocat. These digital software designers have put their energy in designing various of apps that forecast the weather, such as the Outside App and the Thermo. But now they have a new product which has skyrocketed on Kickstarter.

It’s called the Thermodo. Their first thermometer app,Thermo, did not always work accurately for it did not use an actual thermometer. They paired up with an electrical engineer and Robocat’s first hardware device was born. It’s a small sensitive thermometer, that you plug in your audio jack. It measures the temperature of your exact location.

Robocat seems to be limitless in their app production. The app, Be My Eyes, which is everywhere on the internet these days, is also a Robocat production. Check out their site, and make sure you don’t miss out on the next hype!

Michael Flarup

Michael Flarup

Michael Flarup is a designer from Copenhagen. He is partner and lead designer at Robocat. Robocat is the company behind Thermodo, Wordbase, Haze and many other application. They are also partnering with the guys behind the app Be My Eyes, with their expertise and skills they help with developing the app.

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