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By 2020 acres and acres of American farm land will be passed on due to retiring farmers, but to who? First Generation Farmers was set up by Alli Cecchini and her husband Christian.They took over the traditional farm of Alli’s parents and dedicated themselves to promote the farming profession to a younger generation.

Now First Generation Farmers has evolved further. Alli and Chris run a community farm that incorporates all new ways of farming. So what do they do? The two young farmers, both in their twenties, do not even call themselves farmers. They work together with WWOOF-ers (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). These are travellers passing by, willing to trade labour for accommodation and dinner. At the moment Alli’s farm accommodates nine WWOOF-ers.

And had you ever heard of planting parties? We had not. Get together, open a beer and plant seeds. The plants grow in the greenhouses and eventually are moved to grow in the fertile outside soil. Besides that most of their produce is donated to local food banks!

So, sick of your urban concrete jungle life? Feeling the need to put your green hands to work? Visit Alli and Chris, and find your inner farmer.

Alli Cecchini

Alli Cecchini

A true food produce expert. Alli took over her parents farm in California, and has dedicated herself to making farming popular within new generations. Together with her husband she runs her modern farm in a creative and innovative way!

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