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Quidditch For Muggles Is Now A Professional Sport

Quidditch has emerged from being a magical game in the Harry Potter books to a real life sport. With us on IntoLife is Alex Benepe, the head of the US quidditch association. An association that organizes tournaments for the more than 3000 quidditch fanatics who play the sport in the USA.

Alex is one of the first college kids who tried to play quidditch in real life. A crazy idea of a few college friends, who played wearing capes made out of curtains with cleaning brooms between their legs. “It was very popular on campus but I was reluctant. I thought there would be no way that this could work. We can’t fly! My friend who invented it convinced me to try it and i loved it! I fell in love with it and from that moment one, I knew this was special.”

What started out as a joke, became a serious sport league. There’s now 160 quidditch team in the US alone. All around the world, it numbers in the thousands.
If you are curious or want to start your own quidditch team, go to the website of the International Quidditch Association to find out more.

Alex Benepe

Alex Benepe

Alex Benepe is the head of US quidditch. He is a quidditch fanatic and bringing the magical game to a whole other level by organising tournaments for college teams in the US.

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