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By now everybody has heard of the concept of shared office space. A hip and productive space filled with desks for freelancers and start-ups in need of an office space. Now there is an evolution of this concept: Hoffice. A home and an office combined… And it’s FREE! The hype started in Sweden, but has blown over to Copenhagen.  We speak to Andreas, who has been part of starting Hoffice in Denmark. 

Just imagine: you are a freelancer and you are sick of working alone at home or in the local coffee corner (expensive coffee and bad internet). Hoffice is there for these people. It gives you the option to pack your laptop in the morning and ring the bell of someone’s home. Together with a group of freelancers you ‘office’ together in a home setting.

nd that’s not all: you keep each other motivated by setting goals together and you alternate working hours with some well needed leisure. Such as stretching or mindfulness.

So, interested where you can find an Hoffice nearby? Or maybe you want to start a home office yourself? Check out their website to learn more!


Andreas Wolf

Andreas Wolf

Andreas Wolf is born in Germany but is living in Copenhagen. He is interested in reshaping the urban community and was part of starting Hoffice in Copenhagen.

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