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These 5 Mushroom Facts Will Blow Your Mind

What do you know about mushrooms? Besides that they’re really healthy, they taste great in your pasta sauce, and that you should stay away from some kinds if you’re not looking for a really trippy weekend? Not that much, it turns out.

Our favourite foodie teacher Nicole is back and she won’t leave before she has told us all about these funny little things. She is one of the creators of the educational videos from How Does It Grow, in which she informs the world about where our food comes from. She told IntoConnection all about how these videos will end ‘agricultural illiteracy’.

Now, she’s enlightening us with five shocking facts on mushrooms. Are they plants? Are they vegetables? Nope. Turns out: biologically speaking, mushrooms have more in common with… humans! Check out the video if you want to hear Nicole’s explanation for this weird fact and four more.

Nicole Cotroneo Jolly

Nicole Cotroneo Jolly

Wanting to teach the world about the origins of our food, Nicole and her team produce the educational videos How Does It Grow? This foodie lives in Philadelphia and loves the fact that she still learns about food everytime visits farmers for her videos.

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