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The application 42 Education really adds value to the market of education apps. Not only do they deliver an app with educational games and material, with their platform teachers and schools are able to create or adapt learning resources. Their founder and CEO Jeroen Offerijns joins IntoConnection to talk about what they do.

Together with co-founders Thomas Meijers and Tobias Rijken, Jeroen founded 42 education in april 2014. With a team of over fifteen developers, designers and an education specialist they are working on this education platform.

With the software they offer, 42 Education aims to make education universally accessible as their learning resources are able to be changed into a local language by the teachers themselves. Furthermore they state that it is far more realistic to aim at reaching all the children in the world via an application on a cheap smartphone the near future, then educating more teachers.

This vlog can also be seen at BNR.nl/IntoConnection.BNR Nieuws Radio

Jeroen Offerijns

Jeroen Offerijns

Jeroen is a social entrepreneur and product manager, his specialisation is using innovation and exponential technologies to redefine education throughout the world. He is CEO and Founder of the learning platform 42 Education.

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