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How To Celebrate St. Paddies Like The Irish

For most of us Today is just like any other Tuesday, but for those among us with a tiny drop of Irish blood today is anything but ordinary. Breakfast includes sausage, black and white pudding, fried eggs and fried tomatoes, green water runs through the Chicago river and you’re bound to run in one of the parades sooner or later. Today is St. Patrick’s day!

Although this cultural and religious holiday is mainly celebrated by the worldwide Irish population, anybody can feel free to join, says our vlogger Niall Collins. But to make sure we don’t make an ass of ourselves he has a few hands on tips for all of us who like to party like the Irish.

Source: Choose Chicago

Niall Collins

Niall Collins

Niall is a real Irishmen and more important, a Guinness lover. He is our expert from Ireland and is always available to teach us some Gaelic, the original Irish language.

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