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Investors Are Digging Into The Food Startup Scene

The food startup scene is booming business. More and more consumers want to be aware of what they put in their mouths and the interest in where their food comes from and what it consists of is ever growing. A lot of beginning entrepreneurs are picking up on this and new food products and services are popping up like mushrooms from the ground.

However, a startup is only successful when its able to make money, and a lot of food startups are struggling with with the financial side of their new business. Finding investors can be quite difficult, and the same applies to investors that are searching for the right startup to invest in. Crowdfooding is here to make a connection between both.

Alessio, CEO of Crowdfooding, used to work in the food and beverage industry and noticed that a lot of big companies struggled to drive their own innovation agenda and to develop new products. Startups are thus the ideal field to take on innovative and new ideas in the food scene, a space where a lot is happening. Thereby, the combination of technology and food offers a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately, this scene and its dynamics are not always easy to understand for investors. That’s why Alessio and his company are offering a helping hand.

Crowdfooding is basically a matchmaker between food startup entrepreneurs and investors. They are curating the deal flow of investors and building a list of investors and their investment histories. Investors are being matched to relevant startups, and the other way around. So, the both of them better get ready for their (non-romantic) date!


Alessio D'Antino

Alessio D’Antino

After working in the food and beverage industry himself, this foodie entrepreneur now helps out other food entrepreneurs with his company Crowdfooding! It functions as a matchmaker between the food startup scene and investors. Alessio is from Italy but currently works in San Fransisco.

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