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Always wanted to start your own coffee shop but did not have the money to buy or even rent a pledge? Now you can realize your dream by buying a bicycle called Wheelys: maybe the worlds smallest café.

Per Cromwell, the co-founder, started Wheelys a year ago. He wanted to create a business accessible for everyone. A Wheely can be yours for only $3,450. That is less than 1% of the seed money needed when opening a new Starbucks location.


Why did Per choose coffee? Well, there are lots of coffee shops around that sell expensive sludge. The men behind Wheelys wanted to create a community with people who love to be outside, and that adore good, affordable and organic coffee.

At this moment (March 2015) they have sold already 60 Wheelys to several countries all over the world. You can buy coffee from a Wheely in Chili, the USA, Canada and many places in Europe. The community of “wheelers” is also meant to help and motivate each other. Vlogger Maria, one of the co-founders, believes that this tiny little coffee house is a great way for young people to build their own economy and to start their careers as entrepreneurs.


Maria de la Croix

Maria de la Croix

Maria from Stockholm is the co-founder of Wheelys. With her bachelor of art she has worked in many Scandinavian companies like Ikea.

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