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We all know E-commerce is a booming business. Nearly every retail company owns a webshop and many analytics believe that e-commerce will reshape the complete business world. E-commerce in 2015 can be best defined as: ‘Go big, Go niche or Go home’!

Of course you will choose ‘Go Big’. But how do you do that? Here are some e-commerce trends coming up in 2015.

First of all, e-commerce via mobile is increasing. We use our mobile phone more than our desktops and this will continue growing.

Secondly, the page load of a website is getting more important! Consumers will no longer wait more than 3 seconds till the page is load. With mobile commerce it is even more important, your page should load in less than 1 second.

Furthermore, delivery needs to be faster and easier than ever. People don’t want to wait a week before the product reached their home. As a company you should be ready to anticipate on the consumer.

Companies like Flocktory organize information on consumers and thereby they can because of this they can create a ‘different’ webshop for each customer. In 2015 they will further optimize their service so that no webshop is the same.



Simon Proekt

Simon Proekt

Simon is the founder and CEO of Flocktory, a Russian startup specialised in e-commerce. Before he started Flocktory back in 2012, Simon managed small IT teams and he did some strategic consulting in retail and the telecom industry.

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