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The Most Yummy Egyptian Dishes You Had Never Heard Of Before

We are all familiar with the Chinese, Indian and Thai kitchen as restaurants and toko’s from those countries have spread around the globe. However, we are far less familiar with the traditional Egyptian deli’s. The time has come to get to know these!

In this two minute video we explore the highlights of the Egyptian cuisine together with the lovely Tanya, a freelance Egyptian writer with a passion for food. The top five dishes she mentions are to be found below.

1. Koshary

KUSHARI-PASTA 3 [Desktop Resolution]

Source: Buttered-Up

Koshary is a classic Egyptian street food dish that is eager to fill your tummy all the way up. It is build up by rice, pasta and legumes and mostly topped with a tomato sauce.
Check out this link for the recipe.

2. Um Ali


Source: The Wanderlust Kitchen

If you are the owner of a bunch of sweet tooth, you might be more into Um Ali. The basis of dough, pastry and milk is crowned with pistachios and raisins. Here you can see how to make some of this sweetness.

3. Ta’ameya


Source: The Zero Boss

Out on the streets and looking for a nice meal? Try Ta’ameya! Available almost everywhere and a nice treat, especially for people that are more into the savory stuff. Ta’ameya is the Egyptian version of falafel. See how to make Ta’ameya yourself.

4. Molokhia


Source: Man Fuel blog

Molokhia might look a little weird but it is the favourite of Tanya and we trust her on her big brown eyes. This green soup is usually includes some sort of meat next to the vegetables. In Egypt most chefs use chicken or beef but in Cairo city they prefer rabbit or lamb. However you can also add shrimps or other fish to it if you feel more like it.
You can prepare Molokhia for your guests like this.

5. Hawawshi


Source: MidEats

But all the meat lovers should definitely try ‘Hawawshi’. It exists of minced meat that is spiced up with onion, peppers and parsley. Then this mix is placed between dough and then roasted in the oven. Check out this video to see how to make this deli.

Tanya El Kashef

Tanya El Kashef

Tanya is a freelance writer from Cairo. She studied interieur design in Montreal (Canada) but the revolution made her write. Her passion for food has brought her some nice articles on restaurants and deli.

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