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Are you afraid of the dentist? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people are scared to go. But why? And what can we do to help this? One of our vloggers found the solution! Eureka!

It’s called Cope It and is created in beautiful Denmark. With this app you can learn how to control your anxiety and find out where the fear for your dentist comes from (maybe because of the tools that look like torture instruments?!) .

The app has two screens. One is for the dental scaredy cats. Here patients can receive help and test their dental anxiety. What triggers this fear? The app provides a short training plan: with a number of steps they can reduce their anxiety. And there is a game element! After that your profile is sent to the receptionist of your dental office. Based this they could start a dialogue about a patient specific needs.

Imagine being afraid to go to the dentist because you’re afraid he will pull all your teeth out. What will Cope It do? Dental phobia falls in 3 categories. First category is pain, the second one is trust and the last one is other mental difficulties such as social anxiety. In this case it would probably be a trust related one. So your therapy and exercises are based less on exposure and more on giving the patient insight in what’s going on. They give them information about the dentist and the different kinds of procedures that could happen. In that way you’ll understand the dentist will not pull all your teeth out!

Future possibilities
Cope it is built on the belief that mental illness is not something you can help yourself. A lot of apps like mindfulness are based on the fact you can cure yourself. But people with a serious mental illness will not benefit of using this app. So the creators will never be provide a “cure yourself” app.

There will always be a link between the patient and experts. For example people who are treated by a psychologist will be motivated to do to the exercises that the app provides, to enhance their regular treatment and hopefully reduce the sessions needed.

Esben Nielsen

Esben Nielsen

Esben his passion is to improve in our healthcare system through innovative technology. He is the CEO of Cope it where their mission is to improve healthcare by creating intuitive, scalable and affordable mobile healthcare products. Right now their full attention is on Dental Anxiety.

He’s had several years of experience from Management Consulting with focus on life science & healthcare and has a background in computer science.

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