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Well that’s refreshing: Ad Campaigns that Tell You The Truth

Advertising can be misleading. And we millennials are on it. We see right through their tactics and how they try to manipulate us into buying the newest gadgets and useless products … Or do we?

IntoConnection talked to the honest advertiser Clif Dickens. According to Know Your Meme he is the one and only creator of the honest slogans hype. You know: logo’s and ad campaigns that -sarcastically- tell you the truth behind your daily products. Clif spends many of his 1, 2 and 3 am’s perfectioning his graphic designer skills reshaping these logo’s.

And now he is treating us on his expert insights on a new trend in the advertising world. Apparently honest advertising has made it’s way from our Facebook newsfeed into the real world. Who knew? Clif names two campaigns that exemplify this overturn.

Every (American) coffeedrinker knows Maxwell House “Good to the last drop” Coffee. Their coffee is good. Not extravagant, delirious, mind boggling or orgasmic, no. Their coffee is just good. And that’s good enough.

See for yourself. This is what it used to look like. Back then it was still called AMAZING.


And this is what GOOD looks like:



His second example is Avis. Everybody has heard of Hertz, but Avis… this may be because they are second place and embrace it, because “they try harder”. Good for you Avis:



For the story behind Avis slogan, check this video. Just interested in some mindless entertainment and some giggles, sit back and scroll through Real Honest Slogans.

This vlog can also be seen at BNR.nl/IntoConnection.BNR Nieuws Radio

Clif Dickens

Clif Dickens

As a graphic designer Clif Dickens spends hours and hours, deep into the night, spicing up standard advertising campaigns. This makes him the mastermind behind Honest Slogans. And of course our favorite ad expert.

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