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Imagine coming home after a long day of work and your phone battery is about to die. Instead of searching for your charger or getting lost in the endless mess of cables for all your different devices, you just place your phone on your bedside table where it will charge automatically.

Everyone’s favorite Swedish home furnishing company IKEA is launching a line of furniture which allow you to do this. The collection of wireless chargers makes charging your phone or tablet a lot easier. A technology called Qi is integrated in lamps or bedside tables, which transmits power to your phone. This only works when your phone supports being on the receiving end, but if it won’t you can use a case that does as well.

IKEA-Qi-wireless-charging-furniture-3 IKEA-Qi-wireless-charging-furniture-6.0

One of the designers of these pieces, David Wahl, shares how this charging furniture works and what the idea behind the design is. Since IKEA is not a technology business but a home furnishing company, the collection is not just functional but also good looking. They have a typical clean, fresh and Scandinavian look.

The collection will be launched in Europe and North America in April, the rest of the world will follow after that.


David Wahl

David Wahl

David is industrial designer from Stockholm, Sweden. He designs for IKEA and currently lives in Shanghai to work there.

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