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3 Places You Have To Visit When Roadtripping North America

When you travel North-America with your house dragging behind your car, you are practically a local everywhere. So who better to ask about travel tips than the lovely Tiny House Giant Journey couple. Guillaume joins us straight from his selfmade house, in Portland at the moment, to share with us the places we can’t miss.

First: Nova Scotia in Canada. One of the most beautiful and rugged provinces of Canada. After travelling mostly via Cities the endless nature was a welcome change for Guiliame and his girlfriend. Besides the extreme nature, apparently the people are extremely kind.

Fun facts: Nova Scotia is latin for New Scotland. When on this peninsula, make sure to visit Shag Harbour. This small harbour village, is famous 1) for the crash of a UFO in 1967 and 2) supposedly there is a hidden treasure of pirate king William Kidd



The national parks in the USA are awesome. Guiliame names among others the burning hot Death Valley. Where they have a restraint on baking eggs on the asphalt.

Additional tip besides baking eggs illegally: Death valley is filled with eary abandoned villages. Including the empty house of the fairly unknown Belgian artist Albert Szukalski, who passed away years ago, but his strange artworks still remain in the desolate scenery.


Finally, Guillaume names New Orleans ‘The Big Easy’ in Louisiana. Of course this city is known for Mardi Gras, Crawfish and Cajun music. But this city also has a real historical layer, playing a key role in the emancipation of black people.

In Louisiana you should definitely try an airboat ride. “That’s the life right there!”



Guillaume Dutilh

Guillaume Dutilh

Guillaume lives in the cutest little mobile home, it’s only 12 square meters! Together with girlfriend Jenna and dog Salies, he travels northern America with his tiny house. They update the world on their trip on their website Tiny House Giant Journey, for which Jenna writes and Guillaume does the photography. We’re jealous!

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