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F*ck The Game: Training Your Brain While Swearing

This-is-awesome, may we introduce to you: F*ck The Game. The game you wish you had when you were young and your mom made you put a penny in the jar every time you said shit. Cock, asshole, craphead and cunt. “Hey mom, it’s just a game!”.

The game was designed by graphic designer Bela. Bela lived in Japan, where swearing is not as common as it may be in the rest of the world. Every time he said ‘cunt’ out loud everybody giggled… So why not make a game out of it?

But this game is not all about pointless swearing. The essence of F*ck The Game lies in the stroop-effect. In psychology, it’s seen as an interference in the reaction time of your brain. Let’s test your stroop-effect: see how fast you can name all the colors of these words, instead of reading the meaning of the word.



How do you make a game out of this? Ready for an elaborate rule explanation? Check out the video with explanation on their Kickstarter page.

So. Are you bored of your same ol’ drinking games and do you feel the need to train your brain? Support their Kickstarter campaign and receive your own deck of F*ck The Game cards.

Funfact: It’s Bela Inksters life time dream to travel the world and collect all the swear words in all languages.

Bela Inkster

Bela Inkster

Our vlogger from Perth, Australia has his degree in music technology and loves to make music. At the moment he is a graphic designer during the day, but at night… he’s shouting out curse words to his friends in the game he designed ‘F**k. The Game’.

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One Response to F*ck The Game: Training Your Brain While Swearing

  1. deedee says:

    This is the best you could come up with?
    Everyone who knows you must be cringing with shame.
    Go crawl under a rock and die.
    Stop tormenting the world with your vile presence.

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